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About the Charleston County Strings Program

A new music program was born in the Charleston County Schools in 1969. This was started to involve more students in the serious study of music and to broaden the base of fine arts offerings to the elementary schools. Four string specialists were hired to teach fourth graders. Around 300 students were involved the first year. Since then , CCSD has expanded to 15 string teachers and we now have more than 1400 students taking strings in 5th-12th grades.

Join the String Program

String instruction is offered in the Charleston County Schools in grades 5-12. Lessons on violin, viola, cello, and string bass will be offered, free of charge, during the school day.

At the beginning of school year an introduction to stringed instruments and orchestra program will be presented to all 5th graders. At that time, students receive a letter with information on enrolling in the program. The letter will contain an enrollment form which, when signed and returned to school, will automatically enroll your child in our beginning string program.

The program is continuous, providing string opportunities for performance in school ensembles, through elementary, middle, and high school.Learning to play an instrument and belonging to the school orchestra can open up a whole new world friendships and fun. Your child will be able to take advantage of musical performances with other orchestral students from throughout the area and state. The opportunities for playing a stringed instrument after graduation from high school are abundant, with many colleges and universities offering scholarships for participation in orchestra

The String Program

Contributes to the understanding of the basic properties of melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics and form, in addition to developing proficiency on the instrument chosen by each individual.


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